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About Cannons & Sparrows is aimed at a relatively wide range of gamers. The cute character, cinematic 3D-setting and educational backstory make it a family-friendly experience.

A large quantity of surprising gameplay mechanics, an increasing difficulty level and optional side quests also makes it attractive for mid-core gamers and video game enthusiasts. This is also true due to the length of our game.

With 4–5 hours of core gameplay, mid-core gamers will experience quick and steady progression keeping them hooked to finish the game, while more experienced Metroidvania fans can roam the world for up to 10 additional hours to complete all side quests.

Main target audience: All genders, 12-50 years.


Our story begins in dark times. Cannons of all types threaten the forest and ravage it mechanically in search of resources. Our heroine, a small cannon, hatches from a bird's egg as if foretold by prophecy. Her quest for her purpose and origins is also a journey into the past, a time when the cannon creatures and the inhabitants of the forest lived in peace and harmony. The machines supported the animals with their strength and craftsmanship, while the animals taught them the meaning of friendship, kindness, and family.

As a testament to the harmony of their coexistence, small cannons rolled into the light of this world. Half-bird, half-cannon, they became the guardians of the community and its laws. The most important law concerned the red stones, a mineral that was said to be the source of all energy. Taking it granted almost unlimited power, but at the terrible cost of losing oneself and falling into madness.

And as it had to happen, in the midst of a violent storm, a machine saw no way out. To save her animal friend, she reached for the stone and made its power her own. She battled against the wind, catching trees like matches, and lost all her senses. And so, an act of friendship led to the end of the community. It was later told that the machine, intoxicated by her power, killed the animal in her madness and disappeared.

Mistrust spread and separated animals from cannon creatures. The balance fell apart, and the small cannons, the guardians of the community, gradually disappeared and were no longer seen. Until today... where the quiet crack of a breaking eggshell continues the story.

Pre-alpha gameplay
Story Teaser 2
Story Teaser 1
June 9, 2023

Funding boost from nordmedia

Exciting news, fellow adventurers! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our captivating game has received a game-changing funding boost from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH. This partnership will take our gaming experience to new heights, delivering unforgettable moments and thrilling gameplay. Get ready to be immersed in a world like no other.

May 1, 2023

Some Gameplay

Check out some real gameplay from our Testing Level also available on our Discord Server!

Discord Server
March 10, 2023


Our Discord server is up and running. Join our Cannons & Sparrows community to stay informed about the ongoing development process and play the latest builds of our testing-level alpha version!

Discord Server
July 7, 2022

Going to be lifted!

We are very proud to announce, that we will be part of this years Gamecity Hamburg - Games Lift Incubator program! We are looking forward to 3 months of inspiring workshops, talks and simply having a good time with new faces. After 20 years in business, this first steps into a new industry feel like a journey back in times when everything was exciting and new. Thanks for having us!

Gamecity Hamburg
July 5, 2022

Oldie but Goldie

We started the company in 2020, just before the pandemic hit. To cope with the circumstances we created our own version of singing from balconies to our neighbors.

Cannons + Sparrows just levelled up from being a creative studio for film & TV to an indie-studio dedicated to creating beautifully designed video games. We apply our extensive knowledge in high-end CGI creation to dream up magical worlds and thrilling characters for gamers to explore and play with. Come and play with us!
About Cannons + Sparrows
creative Studio GbR

Eichhornweg 2b
21244 Buchholz i.d.N.
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Pre-alpha Gameplay
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